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Thank you Ward 2!
I am so honoured to be your School Trustee. Reach out to me any time. I am your voice at the school board level.

Winnipeg School Division
School Trustee, Ward 2 

Our children need us. After three years of uncertainty, anxiety and isolation, schools must provide targeted support for all students. As a teacher and advocate, I want to see resources in place for students with disabilities, robust mental health supports and programming for our most vulnerable students. As the mother of a child with a disability, I will fight for schools to be a safe, inclusive place.  


I believe strongly in the power of art and creativity. As a performer and film actor, I use artistic expression as a tool for teaching and a platform for good. I will use my voice to advocate for WSD children and families. 


• Teacher and special educator in WSD and Louis Riel School Division 

• Head and Founder of The Children’s Acting Centre, a performance school for children 

• Advocate for people with disabilities 

• Ward 2 resident for 22 years 

• Artist, performer and film actor 

“Lois truly believes that every child has the right to dream, and make those dreams a reality.”

Carla Flemming .png

“I have known Lois Brothers for 5 years through our school’s special needs program. During that time, I witnessed a strong, intelligent, assertive mother advocating on behalf of not only her son, but all children in the program. She coordinated a Parent Advocate Group and spearheaded positive changes within the program. Lois truly believes that every child has the right to dream, and make those dreams a reality.” – Carla Flemming 

Carin Baigrie .png

“Lois has this magical ability to meet each of her students where they are and manages with a perfect blend of respect, creativity, discipline, and sense of humor to elevate their strengths and draw out their best. With every opportunity/experience working alongside Lois, my son comes away feeling more self-confident and empowered. We are so grateful to have found such a rare and gifted teacher.”   Carin Baigrie 




Support for Students with Disabilities

Comprehensive supports for students with physical and intellectual disabilities need to be a top priority in this division. As the mother of a son with a disability, I had to fight for him to access what other students take for granted. I will make sure no other parents have to go through the same thing.


Increased Graduation Rates

The Winnipeg School Division has the lowest graduation rates in the city. We need to address the root causes of student disengagement and build trusting relationships between schools and WSD families. We must invest in the future of every child.


School Safety

So many WSD families are worried about the safety of their children – both at school, and on their commute to and from school. We need a robust, community-led strategy for schools in the division. Parents should be able to focus on their child’s learning, not worry about their safety.


Quality Education – Everywhere

We need to ensure all WSD schools provide academic and extra-curricular programs that make them an appealing destination for children. Students should not have to leave their neighbourhoods to access high quality education. We must look at schools on an individual basis and meet the unique needs of their students.

Join my team

Join my team

Thank you for supporting my campaign!

Let’s Chat

Let's Chat!

Email me any time at with your concerns or ideas.

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I will be meeting with voters in my ward every Saturday at a coffee shop from 8:30 – 10am. Check my Facebook page for updates on location each week.

Email me to request a lawn sign, or donate to the campaign.


We invest in our future when we look at the potential of every child. 

Voting Information

Election FAQs


The 2022 Municipal Council and School Boards Election will take place October 26. But you can vote as early as Oct 3! Visit to learn about where you can vote in advance.



You can get more information, find your voting location, and register to vote by visiting



Click here for detailed maps of all the Winnipeg School Division ward boundaries. Click here for a map of Ward 3.



  • A Canadian citizen; and

  • 18 years of age or older on Election Day (Oct. 26, 2022); and

  • An actual resident of the School Division for a minimum period of 6 months; and

  • An actual resident in the School Division Ward on Election Day 

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